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The Wartburg Hotel offers the ideal requirements in order to work effectively, as well as to be successful and creative. Those who need some peace and quiet to reflect or simply to work will find interesting nooks and places to do so and – quite possibly – might even find the best inspiration.

Our different rooms are equipped with modern conference technology and leave a long and lasting impression.

Our indoor and outdoor programmes promote teamwork, creativity and successful cooperation. Complement your conference with these items.

and banquets

Turn your party into an amazing and unique experience and dive into a world of aroma, atmosphere and diversity. Excellent cuisine and historical rooms – which have already served as the location for hosting parties for famous people – will ensure unforgettable moments.

If you have any questions, please call:
Event Manager
Ms Kathleen Stegmann
Phone: +49 3691 797 222

Logomitregister_CCH_CGH_rz Our resort fulfils the quality criteria determined through by Certified Conference and Certified Green Hotel certificates. These quality seals ensure that our resort hotel precisely adheres to the requirements in the conference and banquet area.