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Event rooms

An overview

Wappensaal (Coat of Arms Ballroom)

The Wappensaal is ideal for holding large events and is rightly known as the most beautiful ballroom in Thuringia. The well-known Strasbourg meister Leo Schnug created an often symbolic world of middle age thought that creates an interesting and unique atmosphere on two floors.

The Wappensaal: 210 sq. m., Length: 20 m; width: 10.5 m, height: 7m

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The Jägerzimmer (Hunter's room)

The Jägerzimmer is located on the first floor of the hotel. It has a view of the inner courtyard and the Wartburg. The centre pillars and the cross-vaults remind one of the ballrooms and bowers of the Wartburg. The wall paintings about “Hubertus” were installed in the 1920s by the Vienna-based artist Kurt Roquette. That gave the room its name.

The Jägerzimmer: 56 sq. m., Length: 8 m; width: 10.5 m, height: 2.50 m

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The salon 1 + 2

The seminar room, located in the side wing of the hotel, captivates through its clear forms and simple elegance. The room’s location offers you a peaceful atmosphere for relaxing and focussed work. You are sure to find variety and inspiration as you gaze across the endlessness of the Thuringia landscape. The room has natural light and modern conference room technology. If required, the room can be partitioned and then offers a suitable space for even the smallest conferences or meetings. Depending on the seating and the types of tables, the conference room offers room for up to 32 persons.

The salon 1 + 2: 60 sq. m., Length: 12m; width: 5 m, height: 2.5 m
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If you have any questions, please call:
Event Manager
Ms Kathleen Stegmann
Phone: +49 3691 797 222