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Burgcafé Gadem

In his songs, Walther von der Vogelweide made the warm and generous hospitality of Landgrave Hermann von Thuringia famous. Since that time, countless visitors to the Wartburg have visited the “Schankstube” at the knight’s mansion. Today, the Burgcafé ties into this tradition. Enjoy the unique Wartburg cake from our own in-house recipe, spicy and sweet delights as well as numerous coffee specialities. Your innkeeper and host Michael Jäckel and his team welcome you! The Burgcafé also provides the catering service to the MDR “Musiksommer” and Deutschlandradio concert series in the Wartburg’s ballroom.

Evening events in Burgcafé Gadem

In the evening, the Wartburg – far removed from the large crowds of daily visitors – has its very own charm. In the Burgcafé Gadem, we host and organise evening events from our “Kulinarium” series. Wine grower parties or evenings with Madame L. are also part of the event programme.

Of course, you can also book the Wartburg for your own personal party or event. The Burgcafé can be booked exclusively for smaller and larger events of up to 50 people. Enjoy having the Wartburg all to yourself and look forward to a delicious buffet and a suitable musical accompanying programme!

Opening hours:

Daily from 10.00 – 17.00 Uhr

Special offers

Wartburg cake from in-house recipe
Made from the best Valrhona Manjari couverture with a 64% cocoa share. The base of the cake is a combination of biscuit and short crust. Enjoy this delicious treat with one of our many coffee specialities.