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Offers for children

Three things have remained from paradise: Stars, flowers and children Dante Alighieri


Presents / Costumes


Shield and sword set for  €25.00



Red and blue fair hat for €22.00
“Damsel” dress for   €60.00


Children’s city tours

“Do you understand what you see?”
City discovery tour for up to 12 years of age with colouring book for €115.00


“From Bach, Luther & other dudes”
Guided city rally for teens between 12 and 18 years with questionnaire for €115.00


“Using all the senses in the Eisenach historic district.”
Experience that touches all the senses. Humorous ramble through customs and traditions from the last centuries; duration, approx. 2 hours for €200.00


“Mom, what is a reformation?” for €115.00


Hikes for children

Through the Hainich and dragon’s gorge The hikes are aligned to the age of the children for €375.00

Please book these services prior to your arrival at the hotel.

The prices for the Wartburg tour, city tours and hikes are flat rates for groups of children up to a maximum of 20.