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Short holiday in Thuringia

Theme-based trips in the green heart of Germany

“Stay a while, you are so beautiful.” This famous Goethe quote from Faust stemmed from his impression of the beautiful, green and mountainous landscape in which the literary giants once met. Weimar. Erfurt. Thuringia! In the incomparable nature and cultural landscape, Goethe and Schiller found inspiration for their works – literature that today still belongs to the greatest works of literature. Martin Luther shaped the history of the Reformation at his Wartburg in Eisenach. Even Johann Sebastian Bach composed his world-famous pieces while enjoying the impressions of Thuringia.

During a short holiday in Thuringia in the romantic Wartburg Hotel, you can experience a part of Germany history up close. Take city tours in the heart of Germany, be inspired and impressed by the regional cuisine, learn about the culture and combine your active holiday with the nature of the Weimar region. Take a special theme-based trip in your short holiday in Thuringia – a trip into the country’s “green heart”.

Take advantage of our hotel offers or discover the landscape on your own schedule. This way or that: your short holiday in Thuringia will be a unique experience.

Nature, romantic and cuisine: Exciting day trips in a modern world with a deep-rooted history

There is hardly a Federal State that is so diverse as Thuringia or that offers so many destinations. Even if there are enough offers available to last an entire year, a short holiday in Thuringia is perfect to reinvigorate body and soul. We’ve thematically listed a few ideas to help you plan your next short holiday in Thuringia.

  • 1 night including castle breakfas
  • 3-course Wartburg menu in the evening
  • Wartburg guided tour
from169,00 EUR Book Now more
Time for ME!
  • 2 nights incl. sumpteous breakfast
  • Use of the "Jungbrunnen" spa area
  • Wartburg 4-course dinner
from299.00 EUR Book Now more
Wonderful hikers’ paradise
  • Two nights including castle breakfast from the buffet
  • 3-course Wartburg menu on the evening of arrival
  • Picnic rucksack for your hike ...
from321.00 EUR Book Now more
Symphony at court
  • Two nights including castle breakfast from the buffet
  • Concert meal in the Burgcafé Gadem to get you in the mood for the concert evening
  • Ticket for a concert in the ballroom of the Wartburg ...
from319.00 EUR more
Getaway „4 for 3“
  • book 4 nights and pay only for 3.

City break & short holiday in Thuringia

Eisenach, Jena, Liebenstein, Mühlhausen: In Thuringia, every city is worth a trip. For your holiday in Thuringia, pre-select a few cities that you would like to see and save the other cities for your next short trip. Instead of only visiting the large cities, step back in time and find your way into some of the smaller, quaint and idyllic towns such as Schmalkalden, Suhl, Friedrichsroda, Frankenhausen, Oberhof, Gotha, Teistungen, Arnstadt, Heiligenstadt or Sondershausen. Use the opportunity during your short holiday in Thuringia to collect lots of impressions in the historic cities, or stay for several days or for an extended weekend in the pleasant atmosphere of the Wartburg hotel located in the vicinity of a multifaceted city like Gera or Erfurt.

Short romantic holiday in Thuringia

Candles on the table, a glass of red wine and a piano sonata from Schubert playing in the background: day-to-day life rarely leaves time for romantic moments. Therefore a short romantic holiday break in Thuringia is the perfect solution. The city of Weimar and Erfurt invite you to take a leisurely stroll through their Middle Age city centres and the local hotels will welcome you with special romantic arrangements to help you enjoy a short holiday with overnight stay. Even in Eisenach, the playful architecture of the 19th century invites guests to dream; in the Romantik Hotel at the Wartburg you can spend your romantic holiday with relaxing hours at the fireplace, enjoying a candlelight dinner in the Landgrafenstube or while taking in the wonderful view across the Thuringia countryside. Take time to select a suitable hotel offer for your brief Thuringia romantic holiday. Let us welcome you to your room with a glass of champagne and let the evening unwind by sipping a glass of wine whilst sitting by the fireplace. That’s how romantic a short holiday in Thuringia can be.

Experience pure nature during your short holiday in Thuringia

The green heart of Germany: The green heart of Germany is the Thuringia Forest with its expansive countryside, the woods, rivers and mountains. “The region is wonderful, wonderful,” once wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, referring to the Ilmenau in Thuringia. For those guests who would like to enjoy nature in Thuringia, the Thuringia Forest or the Rennsteig are two absolutely perfect destinations. During the summer months, you can take beautiful trips during your holiday in Thuringia, either on foot, by bike or per Nordic walking and fully experience the countryside of Thuringia. Moreover, you will find many active hotel offers with several overnight stays for guided hiking tours as well as offers for climbing or unique and thrilling fun sports activities. During your short winter holiday in Thuringia you will discover winter hiking trails, will speed across the downhill sledge runs in the Thuringia Forest or will become familiar with new sports such as snow biking or ice rafting. And no matter where you decide to spend your short holiday in Thuringia – you will always enjoy a picture-postcard view of the Rhön Mountains.

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